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World of Ignis, also known as WOI, is a group of intellectuals—differentiated only by codename—who research Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Founded in 2017 and the leading resource on the Final Fantasy XV gaming universe for many years, many of its members were individually influential far before WOI's founding.

The World of Ignis Wiki is owned and operated by WOI.


Codename Abbreviation Email
Ignis -
Archaeologist Ignis ACO
Consul Ignis CSI
Edgy Ignis EIN
Infernian Ignis IFN
Messenger Ignis MSG
Not Ignis NIN
Professor Ignis PFS
Prince Ignis PIN

Retired Members

  • Artisan Ignis
  • Chocolate Ignis
  • Mage Ignis
  • Noodle Ignis